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How Rob and Jenny Glazebrook ended up in Gundagai

We loved our time in Ipswich, the warm weather, Rob's work and squash, our friends and our involvement in Central Presbyterian Church. We hadn't even thought of moving until late February 2012 when we discovered our 7 year old needs extensive surgery. The best surgeon for her condition is in Westmead, Sydney.

About 2 weeks later, (early March) Jenny felt God was urging her to visit her family in her childhood home of Gundagai, NSW. She had a feeling one of her grandparents was going to die. So she and Amelia (our 2 year old) flew down there. She was able to visit her parents, grandparents and siblings and their families (who all live down that way). Jenny was right about her grandparents as she saw her grandmother for the last time, she died on the 27th April.

While Jenny was in Gundagai she saw her brother's new business and she was able to see the need for a computer technician in town as the only computer shop had closed down. She also had a look at her childhood home which is up for sale ... a lovely big piece of land with a very suitable family home on it.

At that time, I had been looking at our finances and realised we couldn't afford to keep sending our children to the school they are in, so they would need to change schools. Jenny then rang Merridy's original surgeon at Westmead and he said that if we were in Gundagai, he would be willing to take Merridy back as his patient, and take on Amelia as well, our youngest daughter who also was born with a cleft lip and palate.

From this point we prayed and asked God more seriously about moving to Gundagai. We thought it would be wise to check out if we could get a home loan, wait until winter was over and the children finished their term 3 at school, and very carefully weigh up advantages and disadvantages.

However, on the Tuesday after Easter, 10th April 2012, God gave the final push. At breakfast time, Micah (10 years old) told us he had prayed that if we were meant to move to Gundagai, God would make the house we're renting go up for sale.

That very night a bailiff turned up at the door with a letter from a lawyer, saying the bank was foreclosing on our landlord and that we needed to leave because the house was going up for sale.

We took a few days to get over the shock, and then madly packed and finalised my computer business up here. Saying farewell to many clients, but also continuing to support a few through web work I continue to do for them.

We are sad to leave, but excited about the new opportunities and friendships waiting for us. It will also be nice to have the support of family close by as we deal with family medical needs.

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